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What Rights Do You Have if the Auto Repair Shop Is Taking an Unreasonable Amount of Time to Repair Your Vehicle?

What Is the Legal Time Limit an Auto Body Shop Can Take to Repair My Car?  

So you had an accident in your car, and you want it back in pristine condition. We at Cooks Repair Center completely understand that. However, there are some repairs that can be quick in-and-out repairs that will only take a couple of days, while others aren’t so lucky. So if your car was severely damaged, how long will an auto repair shop take to fix it?

The answer to that varies, depending on the circumstances of the repair. If requested repairs are taking longer than was originally quoted, and there is no viable reason given for delays, then you have the right to come and pick up your vehicle, just be prepared to pay the legal costs acquired while the car was in the shop. We recommend that you give the shop a deadline, in writing and legally served outlining the situation with consequences for failing to follow through with the repair. If the deadline comes and goes, then you can sue them in court for the value of your vehicle at the time the repairs were started, in addition to the time for work missed, fees, rental, etc.

If you contact the police, they will only tell you that this is a civil matter and to pursue it in court. You can post your situation online too, on review sites, yellow page sites, the state attorney general, social sites, etc. Tell as many people as you can about their business practices and try to keep them from hitting the same situation.

Just remember, typical repair times will be damage-specific. Obviously, the more work the car needs, the longer it is going to take. Also, if the car is a specific model or has rare parts, expect the repair time to be much longer. There are several horror stories of cars taking months to complete the repairs, however, a ballpark time for a lengthy repair would be no more than a month. There is no legal time limit to how fast an auto body shop will take to repair your car, and, do you really want them to rush the job?

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