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Visiting an Auto Service for Your Car Preventative Maintenance

Your Brakes and Why Preventative Maintenance Helps

Every time you drive, your car’s brakes put in a lot of effort. Your brakes are used when you slow down in traffic, stop at a red light, or make a sudden, hard stop because of something in the road. Your brakes experience typical wear and tear over time from use, which can make them inoperable or worthless. To keep your braking system in peak condition and ensure that you and your family can drive safely, it’s important to schedule routine maintenance at an auto service shop.

What Makes a Brake

Your car’s brake system is made up of a disc, also known as a rotor, a caliper, and a brake pad. From inside the car, stopping it only requires pressing the brake pedal. However, within the vehicle, this depressed pedal causes a piston in the master cylinder to move, which forces brake fluid into the brake lines. The brake shoe pushes up on the rotor when the pistons in the caliper start to move, creating friction on the brake drum.

Why Choose a Mechanic?

One of the simple tasks that many DIY auto owners choose to take on themselves is replacing the brake pads. Even though it’s one of the simpler repairs to get the hang of over time, if you try this at home, you must be certain of what you’re doing. Experts typically advise hiring a licensed mechanic over doing it yourself regarding something as important as your brakes. You may save a few dollars, but your car may become dangerous to drive if the brake pad is installed incorrectly or if the caliper or other brake parts are damaged during the repair.

Price Points to Ponder

Unfortunately, your brakes’ friction causes your brake pads to deteriorate with time, necessitating constant replacement. This is a typical step in the preventative maintenance program that your braking system needs. Naturally, this entails investing some money to maintain the functionality of your car so that it can safely transport you home each day. What sort of budget are you looking at for brake repair?

Depending on the shop you work with, the average cost to replace a brake pad ranges from $100 to $300 per axle. Initially, this might seem excessive but think about the alternative.

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